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The National Development Planning Platform

Planning the Socioeconomic Transformation of The Gambia

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Long Term Vision

Route to Inclusive Sustainable Growth.

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COVID-19 Recovery

Road to Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Recovery

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Restoring good governance, respect for human rights, the rule of law, empowering citizens through decentralization and local governance.

Stabilizing The Economy

Stabilizing our economy, stimulating growth, and transforming the economy.


Food & Nutrition

Modernizing our agriculture and fisheries for sustained economic growth, food and nutritional security and poverty reduction.

Human Capital

Investing in our people and developing our human capital will be a key driver of social change and economic transformation. Through the NDP government intends to continue to invest in our people, as it seeks to transition to a more prosperous society and a competitive economy.

Energy & Infra-

Building our infrastructure and restoring energy services to power our economy


Promoting an inclusive and culture-centred tourism for sustainable growth.                    


Youths Empower-

Reaping the demographic dividend through an empowered youth.                 

Private Sector & Trade

Making the private sector the engine of growth, transformation, and job creation.


This is a platform meant to foster dialogue, interaction, collaboration, consultations, knowledge and information sharing on The Gambia National Development Planning, Recovery Planning, and short and medium-term plans and long-term visions of the country. This will not only support the understanding and promotion of national development plans but speed up their acceptance and popularization.

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W-F 11:30 am

Upcoming Development Planning Events

This section presents an itinerary of upcoming development planning events in The Gambia. For more details including date, time and venue, click here

Fridays 9:00 am

Experts & Specialists Group

Introducing key personnel contributing to The Gambia’s development planning landscape. Click here for more information including profiles and contact details

Monday 1pm
Gambia by 2050

Development Planners Forum

For highlights of regular development planners forums in The Gambia. Please click here.