About the platform

This is a platform meant to foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing on The Gambia National Development Planning process. It will also support the understanding and promotion of national development plans as well as speed up their acceptance and popularization.

The platform will further facilitate consultation between government and the diaspora who continue to evolve as a significant partner in the development process of the country.  

The platform focuses on innovations, good practices, and the promotion of effective policy solutions.


  • A knowledge hub of country specific publications, case studies, media releases and policy briefs drawn from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the COVID-19 Socioeconomic and Recovery Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Development Partners like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other resident and nonresident institutions.
  • A Contact tool that allows users to ask questions and get immediate responses to enquiries.
  • E-Participation tab that provides meeting places to learn about and engage with current projects, events, organisations and other initiatives taking place in the country.
  • A contact tool that allows users to ask questions and get responses to immediate enquiries.
  • A National Development Plan page where past and present development plans (medium and long term) and policies of the government can be accessed and downloaded for use by students, researchers, and development practitioners.
  • COVID-19 Recovery tab that is dedicated to The Gambia’s management of the pandemic. It contains news, opinion polls/surveys, upcoming events- webinars/online thematic activities, links to expert groups for dealing with policy issues as well as access to peer review of pandemic related knowledge.
  • E-Participates tab which features an interactive space for conducting surveys, professionally moderated online knowledge sharing events, engagements on social media sites as well as two pathways for structured stakeholder exchanges on development issues initiated by either the pubic or public servants in Government.
  • Home page providing a general introduction to the platform, its terms and conditions for users as well as a basic socioeconomic profile of The Gambia.

Expected users of the platform

It is envisaged that the platform will be used by:

  • Policymakers who design and implement development policies;
  • Advisors and analysts who inform policymaking through concept development, analysis, and advice;
  • Private sector, International and Non-governmental organizations who work with government and relevant stakeholders to improve the design and implementation of development policies;
  • Students and researchers, including those participating in online learning programmes as well as
  •  Citizens who wish to know about and participate in the national development process.