COVID-19 Recovery

The Government of The Gambia is committed to pursuing a green and resilient Covid-19 recovery strategy that is people centered, inclusive and addresses the triple challenges of the pandemic, climate change and debt crisis. A green and resilient recovery is a strategic offer the Gambia could leverage to enhance the resilience and sustainability of its economy and society using environmental, economic, and social programmes and investment plans in tandem.

COVID-19 Socioeconomic Recovery Secretariat

In response to the pandemic, the Government of The Gambia in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), established the Reprioritized National Development Plan/COVID-19 Socioeconomic and Recovery Secretariat under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to lead in the formulation of the national COVID-19 Recovery plan through the reprioritization of the current national development plan (NDP 2018 -2021) and ultimately a recovery focused National Development Plan NDP 2023-27.

The secretariat will also support mobilization of resources for the plan as well as guide the institutional arrangements for the successful implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the plan.

Secretariat Team

Samba B. Jallow

Head of Secretariat & Technical Adviser to Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs

Isatou F. Camara

Deputy Director, Directorate of Development Planning

Mariama Saine

Principal Economist, Directorate of Aid Coordination

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Experts Group and Support

Peer Reviews

How does the peer reviews work?

Peers are assembled to examine a specific context and make recommendations based on their experience and expertise. The meeting(s) consists of analysing the situation among peers, discussing approaches, solutions and recommendations, drafting a ‘to-do list’ for follow-up action and receiving immediate feedback.

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Policy Questions & Answers

How does the policy Q&A work?

Our policy helpdesk aims to provide you with answers to any type of question or challenge you might face in the Gambia’s COVID-19 recovery policymaking. Based on your request, our experts will analyze, collect and provide you with a set of resources, ranging from inspiring good practices from across Africa to policy briefs, webinars and contacts of relevant people. Each response is tailor-made to answer your request in detail.

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Matchmaking Sessions

How does a matchmaking session work?

A matchmaking session lasts around 30 to 60 minutes and is a thematic discussion hosted by the Secretariat and moderated by an expert in the field. The discussions are designed around the policy needs and questions that you put forward. These meetings can be organized in person and online. They are a great opportunity to meet like-minded peers and get inspiration from good practices from around the world.         

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