For every citizen of The Gambia


Enabling Gambian to discuss and give advice on development

Welcome to the E-Participation Platform

To promote open government, the COVID 19 Secretariat and DPP established a public engagement platform as a regular channel for citizens to participate in public affairs, enabling Gambians citizens to discuss and give advice on national development planning issues during the drafting and implementation stage.

The E-participation consists of three themes: a section where the public can provide feedback on major government policies and programs; a proposal section that invites citizens to submit new development ideas and get feedback from the public; a proposal submission section where the public can send comprehensive development based proposals directly to the heads of government agencies.  

How can you take part?

Let's Build The Future Together

Public discussion

This Section provides policy information that is being planned and promoted by various government ministries, departments, (MDAs) and agencies in the near future, and allows for public and partner consultation through this platform. Whether you support or oppose a planned initiative, let us gather the wisdom of the people together. We welcome everyone to speak up and be heard!

Bring up idea

This Section provides citizens with an opportunity to share with the wider public, their creative insights or suggestions related to public projects/development policies. Through the process of initiating a development idea, this section allows for the building of national  consensus. Together we can work to enhance national development planning.

submit a Proposal

This section allows citizens to submit formal proposals on development  ideas to the relevant ministry or department. Here you are able to submit concept notes and ideas in the form of proposals by attaching supporting documents with your contact details.